Charter for Animals & Nature

Our Common Wealth
All of Earth’s animals and wildlife have the right to exist, not just humans, and their survival depends on humans choosing smaller families and simpler lives, especially in the UK. Our own disproportionately expanding population and use of resources is now causing the rapid extinction of the polar bears, elephants and many thousands of other species, through:
 Climate change & ocean acidification
 Stripping wilderness. Logging, draining, burning, extracting,
 Fragmentation of habitat. Blocking of migration paths
 Upsetting evolution. By hunting keystone species, by damming rivers
 Exotic species. Introductions of damaging species
 Poisoning. Pesticides, chemicals, toxic waste, heavy metals
 Overhunting. Driving some species to extinction and many others to the brink.
 Industrial agriculture, loss of soil, and desertification

Please sign up to this Charter for Animals & Nature. Local grass-roots action is the best way of bringing about change, because Nature desperately needs help now, and our political institutions are in denial about the speed & scale of the global mass extinction of species. Informal groups of friends, colleagues or neighbours are a good way of taking your own action and/or being part of Keep The Green initiatives like these:

• Green Spaces. Limiting development
• Soil. Gardening for wildlife & food. Tree planting
• Animals. Plastic Bag Free. Meat-free Monday
• Pollution. Clean air. Reducing toxic products
• Climate change. Local energy, waste reduction
• World Heritage Sites. Linking across the world
• Honesty Pledges. Tackling corporate institutions
• Rain water. No home paving, street soak-aways
• Living within our UK ecological footprint
• Homes. ‘Tiny houses’ & community land trusts
• Thames. Piers & access. Small boat workshop
• Resilience. Repairs, and upcycling
• Time exchange. Local economy
• Maritime Greenwich Forum. Rights & responsibilities
• Art. Awareness & information. Social media

Magna Carta, the ‘Great Charter’ of 1215, was a peace treaty & constitution agreed before God and in perpetuity between the king, the power elite and the common people. Now, 800 years later, each individual is invited to extend that peace treaty to animals and Nature, by pledging support for a version of Aldo Leopold’s land ethic, that ‘We behave rightly when we preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the community of people, creatures and plants, and our actions are often indefensible when we ignore this principle.’ Leopold saw humans as being a part of Nature, both instinctively competitive in the struggle for existence, and also able to co-operate by using morality to limit our own freedom of action.

Meetings and Information are at Made In Greenwich Art Gallery & Meeting Place, 324 Creek Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9SW

Gardening for Wildlife day : Saturday 25th July

Safeguarding Nature : Gardening for Wildlife : Saturday July 25th
Made In Greenwich, 324 Creek Road, SE10 9SW

Magna Carta Pledge to safeguard Nature

Keep The Green
Preview Day : Sunday 14th June : 11am – 5.30pm
Magna Carta Day : Monday 15th June : 11am – 3pm
Sign a Pledge to safeguard Nature

We can work together both locally and with other World Heritage Sites on projects to safeguard Nature. Here are some group projects that we are discussing:

• Green Spaces: preventing more development
• Soil: Gardening for wildlife & food
• Animals: Plastic Bag Free. Meat-free Monday
• Pollution: Clean air. Reduce toxic products
• Climate change: Local energy
• World Heritage Sites. Links to save wildlife & people
• Trees: Planting to offset our lifestyle
• Social Media, Publicity, Events
• Information
• Honesty Pledges. Tackling corporate institutions
• Rain water. Street soak-aways
• Co-operatives. Ecological footprint, population
• Community Land Trusts. Long-term land rights
• Thames. Pier for historic ships. Gloriana
• Time exchange: Get your Anchor time vouchers
• Maritime Greenwich Forum: Rights & responsibilities
• Waste reduction. Repairs, recycling and upcycling

Made In Greenwich Art Gallery & Meeting Place
324 Creek Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9SW

Community Interest Company No.127 2330
Pledge to safeguard Nature

Magna Carta in 1215 was a peace treaty for people, a constitution agreed 'before God and in perpetuity'.
800 years later, we invite everyone to sign a peace treaty for Nature as well as people, by pledging support for Aldo Leopold’s land ethic, that ‘A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the community of people, creatures and plants. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.’ Leopold saw humans as being a part of Nature, both instinctively competitive in the struggle for existence, and also able to co-operate by using morality to limit our own freedom of action.

Pledging to preserve the health and harmony of creatures, plants and people raises many possibilities. The global mass extinction of species is happening very fast, with 20% of all living species likely to disappear by 2025, rising to 50% thereafter. The financial power of corporations gives them control of so many institutions that it is unlikely that the UN Climate Change Summit in Paris this December will bring ecological sanity soon. All around the world, Nature desperately needs help now, and it up to grass roots community groups to do what we can. Besides local projects, we can use our Maritime Greenwich Forum status to exchange ideas with other UNESCO World Heritage Sites internationally, wherever eco-systems, history and societies are as threatened by climate change as sea-level Greenwich.

• Choose a project that interests you
• Come in at any time to sign the Pledge and get your Anchor time vouchers
Discussion Meeting : Saturday 20th June 5.30pm

Why did Land Registry change its mind?

Conflicting Land Registry plans of Bardsley Green

In January we asked for a Land Registry Review, as to why they changed their mind about the historic alley across the site, after the developers Family Mosaic were told why we occupied it.....

Mike Westcott Rudd

Head of Corporate Legal Services

Land Registry Head office

Trafalgar House

1 Bedford Park



Dear Mr Rudd
FOI Request 92946/A/160/PW/TF CT1

We request that you undertake an Internal Review concerning the refusal of the Land Registry in Weymouth to release the full material they hold about three plots contained within current Land Title 92946. This site was amalgamated at the end of 2013 from 15 previous land titles, and these titles themselves relate to about 60 largely vacant plots, most of which have not been independently surveyed or verified for over 45 years.

At the end of 2013, Greenwich Council sold much of the site, which is an unregistered commons, granting planning permission for flats to developers Family Mosaic. This led to protest occupations of different parts of the site by various community groups for many months during 2014. Unfortunately, the County Court was unwilling to consider Family Mosaic’s Land Title during the four hearings that led to those groups being evicted.
Keep the Green was not part of those occupations, and took a separate initiative in requesting the Land Registry to undertake a land title investigation in October 2014. We asked them to focus especially on an unregistered alley crossing the centre of the site, an alley marked on the Land Registry’s own plans. On 22nd October, the Land Registry gave their definitive opinion confirming the existence of this unregistered alley, with a small modification about its shape. The existence of this alley creates a crucial gap in the Land Title of developers Family Mosaic, since their scheme would not stack up financially if they had to change their design.

The site being still under early stages of preparation, Keep The Green exercised our commons rights over unregistered land, and ourselves began a five-day occupation of the alleyway. The alleyway itself was marked off with ribbons by the contractors, indicating that they had been informed by the Land Registry about our successful AP1 application for alteration of title plan.
Our occupation led Family Mosaic to contact the site assembly developers VFund, who in turn contacted the Land Registry. We were then shown an email from the Land Registry, which stated that they had abruptly and completely changed their mind about the existence of the alley. This resulted in the ending of the community occupation.
Keep the Green are now being refused the full documentary evidence explaining why the Land Registry came to their first opinion, and why they subsequently came to their second opinion. Emails show that the issue of the alley was indeed raised between VFund and the Land Registry at the time of the site amalgamation on 28 October 2013, but the Land Registry has no written record of any formal alteration to the land title, or even of the telephone conversation said to have taken place. Instead, the evidence points to the probability that the alley issue was in the end overlooked because of the deadline pressure to complete the amalgamation of titles.
Jeanne James clearly found no record of any alteration to the land title when she researched the matter and sent her ‘definitive’ opinion to Keep The Green on 22nd October 2014. It is significant that she was personally involved in the previous exchanges of emails in October 2013 about the gap in Land Title. Her own letter to us confirming the existence of the alley points out that she is familiar with the complexity of the issues.
The Land Title is highly uncertain for many reasons:
• Multiple historical titles dating back 100 years without supporting documentation
• Long chains of absentee ownership
• Multiple unsurveyed adjacent sites & plots, largely unoccupied for 45 years
• The Land Registry being unable to find its copy of the 1852 easement ‘for passage of water and soil’, relating to the alley
• Various land title boundary disputes over the past 20 years between Greenwich Council, private owners, private tenants, and developers, with undocumented, private agreements
• Land Registry mapping difficulties, due to new editions of Ordnance Survey
• Land Registry claims that ‘mistakes’ were made during map digitization
• ‘Definitive’ Land Registry plans showing the alley, dating back to at least 2012. These plans are now said to be incorrect
• No documentation or explanation for how the ‘definitive’ judgement was incorrectly arrived at by the Land Registry on 22 October 2014

In view of these many uncertainties, we do not accept that the Land Registry can change its ‘definitive’ position from one week to the next, without full transparency, explanation and proof about that change. Given what we know, the Land Registry’s latest ‘definitive’ view about Family Mosaic’s land title is a speculative and hasty response to pressure from powerful business interests.

In order that this Land Title can be independently tested as part of the ongoing dispute with Family Mosaic, we request that your Internal Review now releases all the documentary evidence held by the Land Registry without exception, as detailed in the Freedom Of Information Request.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter & email, and let us know how soon you will respond substantively, as the matter is urgent.

Yours truly

Edward Hill,
Keep The Green, c/o Made In Greenwich, 324 Creek Road, SE10 9SW
020 8293 9823

In response, Land Registry claimed, without supporting evidence, that a mistake had been made when their plans were put into digital format in 2005.

We have now appealed to the Information Commissioner because Land Registry refuse to tell us all they know about the gaps in their own record. We give 5 reasons why Land Registry cannot be certain about the alley. The legality of the development is thrown into question by the many differences between Land Registry title plans used for conveyancing and other legal transactions, because these plans have conflicting title boundaries and clearly show the alley as unregistered.

The fact is that Land Registry confirmed to us that the strip of land was unregistered after an internal investigation in October 2014, and then changed their mind two weeks later, after being contacted by developers Family Mosaic.

Why were 5 Hebridean Sheep on Greenwich Green?

Hebridean Sheep on Greenwich Green

Edward occupied the unregistered land on Greenwich Green for 5 days without being evicted, but the 5 Hebridean sheep did get evicted after one night, and are now safely back in Suffolk. The developers contacted the Land Registry, who then changed their mind about their previous ‘definitive’ investigation into the Land Title. Questionable or what? Watch this space…..

Saturday’s Reclaim The Commons

Meeting of Keep The Green, Saturday 27


Join Keep the Green to stop the commercial development of our commons in Greenwich, Deptford and Blackheath. or at Made in Greenwich Gallery, 324 Creek Road, London

Receive free anchor time vouchers when you join

Keep the green update

Successful resistance by 60 people in Bardsley Lane Skatepark & Hostel, as Greenwich Green fenced

On saturday’s open day skateboarders came to try out the skatepark ramps, and the 50 young people from Spain, France & Italy living in the hostel produced a great free meal.

In a dawn raid on monday morning, developers family mosaic fenced off the Greenwich Green, to make it look like development is going ahead. The police were called, and backed the 60 young people who are creating the skatepark and the hostel community garden in Bardsley Lane.

Get involved
· Tell your friends, networking, social media
· Art & Performance, great exposure
· Camp out on the site
· Put up posters & publicity
· Deliver flyers & membership forms
· Help the legal campaign for a community land trust
· Sign the petition, and getting others to do so:
· Be part of the greenwich carnival on bank holiday monday aug 25th. Join local action against corporate takeovers of Deptford Green, Blackheath, IKEA / Sainsbury’s, Enderby Wharf, Convoys Wharf.
· Donate to the campaign
Give a home to a tree sapling in a pot, until their green is restored to them. we can deliver them to you, or pick them up from the skatepark in Bardsley Lane.

made in greenwich gallery, 324 creek road se10 9sw

Saturday August 9th, launch of anchor time vouchers.
Bank holiday Monday August 25th, Greenwich Carnival.

Greenwich Green Spring Fair